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What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?
During the feast of Pentecost we celebrate the Holy Spirit. When we celebrate we are filled and baptized with the Spirit of God. It’s a time of repentance and empowerment for the people of God. The Holy Spirit is the visual representation of God on the earth. He is our comforter, counselor, and so much […]
Why the body of Christ needs to return to the house of God! 
God has begun pruning the church of Jesus Christ. During this process, many will leave the faith and if you don’t transition yourself, you will only repeat your same mistakes. Something new must be done. Do you think God has allowed all this for nothing? The Lord allowed the crisis in your life because there […]
Five Facts About Prayer
Here are 5 things you need to know about prayer:   1. Prayer is not based on feelings. It is a state of mind. You must understand that the Holy Spirit is within you, God is omnipresent. Even when you don’t feel Him you must acknowledge His presence. As you mature in your walk with […]
How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is the visible evidence of the presence of God in us. Without the Holy Spirit there is no growth, no revelation, no life. If we want to see change in our lives and if we want to have a deeper relationship with God, we must yield to the Holy Spirit and allow […]
Prayer Changes Things
Did you know there’s power in your prayers, that it can change your situation? We build our relationship with God through prayer. Jesus knew the Father through living a life of prayer.That is why He had the authority and the power to heal the sick and cast out demons. But also through his prayer life […]
The Glory of New Life and the Resurrection of Jesus
The power of the resurrection is the highest proof that our God is not dead. Because of His resurrection we have access and are able to carry the power of God.   Watch the full preaching here.
Why Should You Attend Bible School?
Our educational philosophy is that every student should be taught through curriculum and professors that have absolute belief on the truthfulness and reliability of the Bible. The teachings of the University are based on the following three pillars:   Foundational teaching Build a strong foundation of Biblical doctrine for Christianity and each spiritual principle being […]
Cleansing the Bride of Christ for His Return
No one knows the day or the hour but they know the season. If your life is out of order, if you know you aren’t right with God – If you lost your fire for God, run back to Jesus and repent. Seek Him and live your life consecrated to Him.   Watch the full preaching […]
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